Matthias Müller meets Matthias Müller

Music for Didgeridoo and Clarinets

If two musicians share the same name, can that coincidence in itself be a theme? Hardly.

But coincidence can be the matchmaker that lets two different musical paths intersect. The instruments themselves sound unfamiliar together. The didgeridoo is the instrument of the indigenous Australian people. The clarinet and the bass clarinet, are an established classical instrument in European culture. The clarinet plays a leading role in Swiss folk music and can play a solo or ensemble role in jazz. The didgeridoo, only recently well-known in our culture, embodies the aura of the unusual and the mystic and fascinates through its foreignness. Just as different as these instruments are the musical backgrounds of the two musicians: Matthias Müller - didgeridoo, is an autodidact, coming from the electro scene (house, ambient); Matthias Müller - clarinet, attended formal music school and teaches at the Musikhochschule Zurich.

The different backgrounds are not unbridgeable. Indispensable is the interest in another culture. The essential aspects of both primal and underground cultures and the aesthetics of advanced civilization, compliment and stimulate each other. With an ever present bass tone, the didgeridoo creates a one-of-a-kind percussion atmosphere.

Matthias Müller (left), Matthias Müller (right)

Articulated sounds and dynamic changes provide for suspense and surprises. The clarinet and bass clarinet build their melodies on this foundation, to enter in a dialogue with the didgeridoo. The sound possibilities of these wind instruments, from emotional bel canto to swing to sound cascades, follow their own paths, creating innuendo. The duet allows an intense exchange between musical partners and spontaneous interventions in the musical process.

The pieces are developed in improvisations and form characteristic patterns, though never taking on a set form. M & M’s music evolves, combining familiar and new in a shared context and proving that something foreign can master a language that allows for a stimulating and lively conversation.

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M & M