by Vinod Sahdeva, 2000

Two professional musicians, each bringing his own unique musical background, form the duo „Tribe of Sound“:

For Thomas Clements, at home in Zurich, Switzerland and Strasburg, France, the endless tonal range and the rhythmic potential of the human voice are the most important sources of musical inspiration. Overtone vocals, the traditional Indian Dhrupad singing and the Zazen practice are the foundation of his musical work and his study of the dialogue between silence and sound. Clements spent years studying the Indian music therapy of Vemu Mukunda. He regularly heard performs with percussionists and other muscians. With the group „Voice Changers“ he has produced two CD’s: „Elephants in the Dark“ and „round sound silence“.

The Swiss didgeridoo player Matthias Müller is an outstandingly creative sound and rhythm virtuoso. As we immerse ourselves in Matthias’ sound world, we sense the musician’s playful experimentalism as well his discipline as he makes the most of the acoustic potential of his archaic instrument. Matthias has created an unusually rich and diverse repertoire on the traditional didgeridoos, primal tone hollowed trunks of eucalyptus and algave cactus, as heard on his two CDs: „Didgeridoo & Dreamtime Pipe“ and „Passion“.

As the duo „Tribe of Sound“, Thomas Clements and Matthias Müller have found a new form of musical expression. Other than in traditional Australian Aboriginal settings, one seldom finds their combination of voice and didgeridoo without other accompaniment. 


The seemingly simple instruments pose a challenge to the artistic process. The music of „Tribe of Sound“ meets high expectations: far from trendy Aussi-Pop or esoteric dreampath-romantics, two alert enthusiasts explore and develop their sound on tonal and rhythmic frontiers. Frontiers, because the music cannot be attributed to an existing style. “Frontier” also in the sense of a paradox. In “Tribe of Sound” we sense the connection to the timeless, subconscious primal ground of music itself: the curiosity and fun of exploring and experiencing tones, tone intervals and rhythmic structure. The result is an archaic feeling music direct appeal that animates us to follow the musicians.

Thomas Clements and Matthias Müller do not shun modern influence. We hear jazzy and funky interludes. Repetitive rhythms remind us of house and techno. The music is catchy. At the same time their compositions are by no means shallow: the familiar-sounding stylistic elements in “Tribe of Sound” are not just expression of a culturally defined context. The precise and singular use accents their music’s tonal and rhythmic qualities. The familiar themes become a new listening experience. The music of “Tribe of Sound” offers an acoustic treat to be long savored.

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Tribe of Sound