Matthias Müller - Signs of Diversity

With "Signs" Matthias Müller presents his long awaited third solo CD, clear proof that he become an internationally acclaimed didgeridoo player. In thirteen tracks, mainly focused on a specific theme or place, the listener encounters a diverse spectrum of sound. Stupendous technique, profound knowledge and sensitive understanding of the Australian Aborigines are demonstrated. The quality of the album is not only in the extraordinary stylistic and technical diversity, but also in Müller's own one-of-a-kind playing.

Matthias Müller succeeds in preserving the authentic character of the archaic instrument and its holy ritual importance, respectfully giving it a place in our own day and age. His achieves this without romanticised, kitschy or esoteric-like ethno elements, that often obscure the European perspective of genuine Australian culture.

During recording in October 2009, photo by Marc Gilgen.

Didgeridoo virtuoso Matthias Müller masters the difficult to learn and physically challenging circular breathing to perfection, without reducing his playing to pure technique. He is able to present diverse tone variations and great rhythm and tempo variety seemingly effortlessly. His musical interpretations stand for the true spirit of the instrument. The variety and fullness of sounds he creates with this seemingly simple instrument never cease to amaze. The recordings are produced without any studio rework. The entire force of Matthias Müllers performance is well demonstrated in the comparison of studio vs. live recordings of the tracks "Tornado" and "Confidence".

These sounds appear to be slumbering in this hollow trunk, waiting to be set free by the musician and carried out to the world. Instrument and musician unite to form a single body of resonance. The sounds travel to the listener and the surroundings creating new vibrations, and in a sense, completing a cycle. As individually as each track is presented, they are held together by an intense prevailing mood, an "energetic flow", that lets the CD come across as a whole. The rise and fall of tones in the opener "Arnhemland" evoke for the listener the sparse beauty of the wide open country of the Australian outback and set the mood for what follows. While the next two tracks begin folky (alphorn in "Corvatsch", dance steps in "Brazil") Matthias Müller's characteristic style shines through. Typical for his musicality, he does not accommodate the listeners' possible expectations, but presents his own style in a sincere dialogue with the theme. In this way Matthias Müller creates complex - one moment subtle and sensitive, another powerful and rushing - sound structures, that compare to intimate conversations ("Love", "Confidence") or a reflection of a state of being ("Mixed", "Overdrive" or "Emergency") expressed through music. A statement is deliberately left open ended, though without any impression of randomness or confusion. The vibrating sonorous and primal rhythmic tones form a basis for a pleasant atmosphere, in which the listener finds room for personal associations.

This is music for an open-minded audience, ready to physically and mentally immerse themselves in the sounds set free by the powerful energy and to let themselves be carried by the flow. The experience becomes an enriching and fulfilling experience, as if one had been present at an initiation.




Invar-Torre Hollaus, Basel (October 2009)

Release am 27.11.2009

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CD "Signs"